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Re: Minor typos in debian installer docs

On Sunday 13 February 2005 00:52, Jens Seidel wrote:
> > Does not occur in the manual any more. If it occurs elsewhere for
> > d-i, please make a list and send a mail to debian-boot.
> debian-installer/installer$ grep -rl "can  *not" . | grep -v .svn
> ./build/boot/m68k/vme-tftplilo.txt
> ./doc/devel/partman/partman-doc.sgml

I fixed these two.

> ./doc/manual/ca/preparing/pre-install-bios-setup.xml
> ./doc/manual/da/preparing/pre-install-bios-setup.xml
> ./doc/manual/eu/preparing/pre-install-bios-setup.xml
> ./doc/manual/it/preparing/pre-install-bios-setup.xml
> ./doc/manual/tl/preparing/pre-install-bios-setup.xml

As these are translations, they will get fixed automatically (eventually).

> Argh, I'm sorry, "ARCBIOS" occurs only in German and Spanish
> translation and seems to be a typo which should be "ARCSBIOS".
> Frans, can you please fix this as well?


Note: all fixes for the manual have been made only in trunk; I will copy 
them to the Sarge branch soon and then ping Frank (djpig) to ask him to 
rebuild the manual for the release pages on the Debian website.


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