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Bug#294881: FWD: lilo error during installation

Package: lilo-installer
Tags: d-i

Why do people send me bug reports by private email? Argh!

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From: "Toshikazu Aiyama, Ph.D." <tyaiyama@yahoo.com>
Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2005 17:12:05 -0800 (PST)
To: Joey Hess <joey@kitenet.net>, submit@bugs.debian.org
Subject: lilo error during installation

Hello.  I have a AMD64 PC with 1 PATA disk, and 2 SATA disks.  I have installed
32-bit XP in the 1st partition of PATA, and 64-bit XP in the 1st partition of
the 1st SATA disk.  Now I tried to install debian to using whatever dated
and version (netinst or businesscard), lilo installation fails (I do not like

When I look at installed /etc/lilo.conf from chroot environment, I find several
reasons to fail.
1. Soft link /vmlinuz is at /boot not at /.
2. Soft link /initrd.img is at /boot not at /.
3. Two identical label of Windows are created.

Thus I made the fixes as follows:
1. Remove soft links at /boot.
2. Create soft links at /.
3. Edit /etc/lilo.conf:
   a. Insert initrd=/initrd.img
   b. Comment out append="console=tty0"
   c. Comment out all Windows entry

Then I install bootlaoder by
   # sbin/lilo -C etc/lilo.conf -v
It works beautiful.  I do not think you people like to eliminate Windows
entries.  Then at least number 2nd one like Windows1 or so.

All the work you developper guys put is really wonderful.  I really enjoy the
system because of you.  Thank you for your effort.

Toshikazu Aiyama

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