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Bug#292888: Installation story on Acer TravelMate 4000WLMi notebook

Sarantos Kapidakis wrote:
> There is an incompatibility between the kernel and my hardhare.
> This prevents me booting on most normal ways - e.g. using knoppix or
> Debian default boot methods.
> I managed to boot knoppix, using the failsafe option.
> Debian should also have a way to omit utilizing some of my hardware,
> to help the system boot on kernel incompatibilities.

The installer does. Type "expert" at the boot prompt and you will be
prompted for which hardware drivers to load. Or are you talking only about
problems after the base system is installed, such as your i810_audio

> In order to be able to boot later, I had to prohibit loading the i810_audio module.
> Every time Debian rebuilds the modules.conf file, my system is not bootable, and I have to boot using knoppix to correct this (alias i810_audio off).

A comment at the top of /etc/modules.conf explains that you should not
edit the file directly and what to do instead.

see shy jo

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