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Bug#293331: Package: installation-reports

Alessandro Villani wrote:
>   The data above (partition table, mount points and lspci listst) are produced
>   using a RedHat 9.0 already installed on the server.
>   The installation of sarge failed because the netbootcd was unable to load
>   the mptscsih module.
>   The message on the consolle was: "modprobe: failed to load module mtpscsih"
>   dmesg reports (sorry, not a cut and paste, hope no mistake in the lines):
>     mtpbase: ioc0: WARNING - Unexpected doorbell active
>     mtpbase: ioc0: ERROR - doorbell ACK timeout (count=499) IntStatus=800000001
>     mtpbase: ioc0: ERROR - Diagnostic reset FAILED! (142h)

I wonder which kernel version you were using. Did you boot the installer
with "linux" or "linux26"? Could you try again with the other kernel
version, maybe it will work better.

see shy jo

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