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Re: disabling passwords with preseeding (was Re: passwd asked just one time)

> Yes, it's usefull for example if I wget an .ssh/authorized_keys file for the 
> user. And I also would like to be able to disable root's password and 
> preseed+use sudo instead.
> Or I might not want local passwords at all as I'm using (read: preseeding a 
> valid configuration for) ldap or whatever.
> So I guess I'll file a wishlist bug :)

That may be an interesting feature to add, yes.

Of course, this may only happen post-sarge. Shadow will not be changed

BTW, I'm recruiting motivated people for the shadow package
maintenance as it is now proven that the package is only maintained by

There is no work to do currently as I want to delay everything but RC
bugs and l10n issues post-sarge (this may include features absolutely
necessary do D-I, if requested by the D-I team). So, I'm just
beginning to grab up motivated people and build the team.

I'll officially announce this when coming back from holidays, around

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