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Re: passwd asked just one time

Quoting Holger Levsen (debian@layer-acht.org):
> Hi,
> cc: as I don't know wether you're subscribed.
> On Thursday 10 February 2005 12:59, Carlos Parra Camargo wrote:
> >   Since i use the preseed, the base-installer ask me just one time the
> > passwd of root and the user, do anybody know why?
> AFAIK this "only" happens when using DEBCONF_PRIORITY=critical, not at lower 
> levels...
> IMHO you should file a wishlist bug. 

Against passwd, or shadow, but it is very likely to be tagged as
"wontfix" as this behaviour has been chosen on purpose...:-)

> BTW, I would also like to be able to preseed passwords to be disabled. Any 
> opinions on that ?

I don't really understand. You want to make passwords preseeding
completely impossible ? I guess not, so I'm probably missing some
point here.

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