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Bug#293151: "testing" installation: reboot does more than reboot

Brian White wrote:
> After doing a full install, it ejected the CD and asked me to remove the
> media for reboot.  I took this opportunity to switch to another window
> and make a "dd" backup of /dev/md/0 partition (for future reference, as
> I'm trying to track down an md0 install problem).  In doing so, I unmounted
> the filesystems.  When all was completed, I went back to the main window
> and hit "OK" to go ahead and reboot.  I thought it odd that it appeared to
> do a few things, and then when it rebooted, my keyboard was not configured
> (I use Dvorak) and base-config did not run.
> It looks to me like more happens at that point than just a reboot and if
> someone has played around and unmounted the /target then some things don't
> get set and the configuration does not happen correctly.

There's a reason why the menu item is entitled "_finish the installation_
and reboot".

We could consider splitting the final reboot bit out of
prebaseconfig. I think it would prove very difficult to do it well.

see shy jo

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