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Bug#279927: #279927: Tagging "won't fix" (cosmetic improvements to XML)

Frans Pop tagged this bug "wontfix" on 8 November 2004, saying:

  Although I appreciate the work done for this patch, I don't feel it should
  be applied ATM.

  Applying the patch would mean loads of work for all translators to see if
  any real changes were made, and I don't feel we should do that in the
  run-up to RC2.

  We will keep this patch until after RC2 and see if it can still be applied

As I understand it, the RC2 release has long since happened, but as far as
I can tell no one looked back into this, probably assuming the "wontfix"
tag implied "forever".

Are there any plans to review this patch?

Should the "wontfix" tag now be removed?

Is there anything I can do to help expedite its review?

[Also, in the future, can the debian-installer-manual maintainers please:

1) CC the bug submitter when telling the control bot to mark a bug wontfix,
so the submitter sees the explanation;

2) Use a mechanism other than "tagging wontfix" to mean "postponed".  I'm
pretty sure that's not what the "wontfix" tag means.]

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