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Bug#293718: e100 module problem with 2.6 kernel

Package: debian-installer
Version: RC2 (from Sarge netinst iso downloaded on 23.Nov.2004)

The e100 module for the 2.6 install does not work.  This means: I have the 
eth0 interface   it can only ping itself.  it cannot ping the gateway or any 
other hosts.  the link light of the device shows it to be active and when 
pinging the activity light is also active.  this was on an IBM Thinkpad A20M 
with a miniPCI e100 card (uses normal e100 driver).  bringing the interface 
up and down has no effect.  route -n shows correct entry.

in order to install using 2.6 i had to use a PCMCIA network adapter

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