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Re: Stop l10n-sync

Quoting Matt Kraai (kraai@ftbfs.org):
> Howdy,
> I'd like to change "occured" to "occurred" in autopartkit's templates
> and "Formating" to "Formatting" in s390-dasd's templates.  Would you
> please stop l10n-sync so that I may do so?

I'll do. However, I first want to switch Italian to the master file

Also, I need to know if you intend to do it on trunk only or on both

Hint : you should do it on both..:-). This simply doesn't hurt even if
we're not sure whther uploads will happen for these two (autopartkit
is kinda obsolete now and s390-dasd is not uploaded very often).

So, please ait for my GO...and re-ping me if I forget (still one day
expo with low avalaibility)

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