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Re: irc meeting regarding kernel status d-i RC3

> I don't think we'd want 2.6.10 to enter sarge until we had consensus
> that it should replace 2.6.8 as the sarge 2.6, though I'm sure we meant
> the same thing.

Which is "release sarge", isn't it ? :-)

I guess that a lot of people around have already been on a Debian
booth in an expo, but I can assure you that people I've seen coming at
our booth in the french expo these days just don't care about
the latest sexy kernel or whatever but they have always the very same

So, please please please, people who will attend this meeting, only
focus on that one topic and have all your discussions driven by it and
only it.

I won't attend it and even if I would, I would give you folks no
valuable input except that one you already know.

I still have to understand whether 2.6.8 is suitable for a release or
not. It may not be perfect but, given what I currently feel about the
Linux kernel from my dummy point of view, it will never be, nor will
2.6.10, 2.6.11 and 2.6.whatever. So, unless there are security issues
with that kernel, I think we probably have to live with it and work on
backporting the fixes we need for release critical issues.

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