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FWD: Debian netinst ISO (2005-01-31 snapshot) failing ?

Someone know the details of what is causing this and how to get it
fixed? I assume it's due to the parted changes.

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From: "J.F.Gratton" <grajea01@videotron.ca>
Date: Tue, 01 Feb 2005 20:57:23 -0500
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Subject: Debian netinst ISO (2005-01-31 snapshot) failing ?
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Good evening all,

I have many performance issues that made me thing about a fresh install
using the new Debian-Installer. I figured that I was "dragging" old
options/features/configs since Debian 2 that might somehow require a
fresh install. So I've decided to reinstall my debian/unstable system
using the current snapshot of the debian-installer, as found at
http://www.debian.org/devel/debian-installer/ports-status .

If I understand correctly, these snapshots are tested daily, so I felt
quite reassured that it'd install as a breeze ...

At the boot prompt, I chose "expert26" as I want a 2.6 kernel and as
much control as possible.

So far so good, it starts ok. I get some warnings that the installer is
unable to load some modules (3c905, ide-disk, some other ide-stuff) but
later on during the installation they might load properly.

It keeps going.. the 3Com NIC module did actually load properly. I chose
my http mirror, etc. 

When I select the next step (partition the hard drive), it fails
completely, the screen goes red and tells me that no hard drive is
attached to the computer (huh ?). Most likely there is a reason why ide-
disk won't load and of course it is related to that red screen --
actually the other way around: the red screen is related to the ide-disk
failure to load.

To make sure my IDE chipset was properly loaded I chose to load all the
modules when offered to do so. The same problem appears when I chose
expert-mode install with a 2.4 kernel. When I chose default 2.4 or
default 2.6 the installer simplay froze when trying to load the ide-disk

Still I fail to see why it won't load. I chose net install as I wanted
to download a minimal set as up to date as possible and get all the rest
from the net. I guess I'll download the first Sarge CD then and go from
there... I can't figure what makes it freeze like that. I ran Debian
unstable (which I apt-get dist-upgrade almost every day) on a 2.6.10
kernel without experiencing such problems.

As I can't provide any information (no way to get debug information
AFAICS), I was wondering if anyone had a similar problem or if there's
any workaround ?



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