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Re: update-grub

(This mail received as a result of #292274.)

Sending this to debian-boot as I think it needs to be seen by more people 
than just me. Please reply to the list (and Jason).

Hi Jason,

On Tuesday 01 February 2005 22:38, you wrote:
> I've rewritten update-grub in perl using a template system. It would
> probably be a good idea to get the installer teams input. The idea is
> to make it more extensible and maintainable.

Sounds good!

> The rewrite does not include any device detection code. The idea was to
> put that into the postinst.

That means that device detection would take place _before_ update-grub is 
run, correct?
Where would the results of the device detection be stored?
How would device detection be triggered again if there are hardware 
changes (or even if the user decides to use udev or something like that)?

(Please excuse me if these are dumb questions; my knowledge of both device 
naming and bootloaders is limited.)

> You can find a copy here:

I'll certainly take a look (and I expect others will as well).

> How would that effect the debian installer?

We would have to review our grub-installer component, but I'dexpect that 
some changes would probably have to be made to our scripts.
Or is it written as a drop-in replacement for the current script?

What timescale do you have in mind for implementing these new scripts? 
My personal feeling is that an implementation pre-Sarge could involve a 
risk of unexpected breakage. Given the essential role of grub in 
installations, that would be risking delays in the release.

Regarding my patch for #292274. What do you think of it? Could/should that 
be implemented in current scripts pre-Sarge?


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