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Bug#292724: Installer Fails To Install Grub - "/boot/grub/stage1 not read correctly"

On Saturday 29 January 2005 03:11, Nick Boyce wrote:
> I may be misunderstanding the situation, but digging about with ls on
> VC2 revealed that there is indeed no such file - in fact there is no
> /boot directory at all - but there _is_ one on /target - i.e. the file
>   /target/boot/grub/stage1
> *does* exist.  Is the installer simply passing the wrong
> --root-directory parameter to grub-install ?   That would be hard to
> believe, because surely a gazillion other people would have noticed
> already ...

No: grub installation is run inside a chroot on /target.

> Two other possible factors :
> (1) I notice that the above partition table print from fdisk shows my
> two Linux partitions (7 & 8) have type=FAT16 (type 06) despite their
> just having been formatted by the installer as ext3 and swap
> respectively ...   Huh !?

That looks more likely. We've seen before that the partition types are not 
always set correctly in edge cases.
Suggest you try fixing this with fdisk from vt2 after hardware detection 
and before you start partitioning.
(Boot the installer with parameter 'debconf/priority=medium' to have more 
control over the progress of the installation.)

> (2) I created all the partitions using Win2K Disk Manager, at a time

We advise to never use non-linux tools for partitioning.

> when I had the BIOS hard drive access mode set to CHS.  This didn't
> seem to faze Win2K at all (it ignores the BIOS ?), but I've since
> changed the setting to LBA, though this hasn't helped here.  Might it
> have caused screwy partition table values ?

That's also a good option. There is work ATM to get a new version of 
parted into unstable that should fix CHS/LBA problems.
You might try again later next week using a _daily_ CD image.

Let us know how the results.


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