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Bug#292794: partman-partitioning does not set partition type

On Sun, Jan 30, 2005 at 11:36:42AM +1300, Nick Jamieson wrote:
> Package: partman-partitioning
> Version: 32
> When I initialize an ext3 partition during install, the partition is not set 
> to type 0x83 (Linux). In my case it was previously set to type 0x39 (Plan 9).

This seems strange, supposedly partman should call ped_partition_set_system()
to set the partition type. But i guess since it does the ext3 creation
externally or something, it may or may not be called. I am not familiar with 
partman code though.

Anyway, what arch are you on (x86 i guess), and was that partition previously
a Plan 9 partition or something ? 


Sven Luther

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