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Bug#291453: Installation report, Sarge/d-i rc2, 20050120, floppy install, x86

On Thursday 20 January 2005 22:03, Klas Adolfsson wrote:
> First, some observations about the installation manual:

I agree with most of your comments about the manual. Some reorganization 
is necessary and probably will happen sometime.
I will reassign this report to the manual to preserve your comments.

> Now to the installation:
> I choose Swedish as my language in the first screen, but didn't get
> swedish until several screens later. That could have been really
> confusing if I hadn't understod english quite well.

This is because you used floppies. They only contain English because of 
the size of translations.
Had you used any other installation method everything would have been in 

> Shouldn't the installation floppies give me the choice to insert a CD
> (the netinst image for example)? It just downloaded everything from the
> Debian mirror. Or should I somehow have used the CD instead of the root
> floppy? The downloads went OK anyway, but not completely smooth. The
> installer tried to download Packages.gz three times before getting it
> right.

They do, if you use the cd-drivers image instead of the net-drivers image.

> There was a tiny skull indicated by my new root
> partition, but the installer happily allowed me to carry on and the
> manual doesn't mention it. What does it mean?

See partman's help screen.

> After doing the base install, I tried to install GRUB. It all seemed OK
> (My old Debian install was even identified correctly), but the reboot
> failed with "GRUB hard disk error", so I had to start over from the
> beginning.

That's unfortunate. If you can track down why grub does not work, please 
let us know.
However, we do offer lilo because grub is known to not work in all 

> I tried LILO instead, with success. This time though, my 
> other Debian installation was not detected.

That is a known issue.

Thank you for your clear and extensive report.


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