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Installation manual and other documentation on Sarge CD's

(please CC d-boot as I'm not subscribed to d-cd)

Hello all,

Please forgive me if this has been discussed before and for bringing this 
up maybe late in the day, but as we are now again seem moving towards a 
release of Sarge and the release pages on the website are also being 
worked on...

Currently the Sarge CDs have the following text in the README.html:
Read the Installation Manual, on this CD at 


The Woody CDs had this:
Read the Installation Manual, on this CD at 

  /install/doc/install.en.html     (English version). 

Translations of the Installation Manual, and plain-text and PDF versions, 
are also available in the 


directory, along with various other documents. 

As selected other translations of the manual and selected other documents 
_are_ included on the CD, I would like to request to bring back the old 
text (with proper links; and maybe without reference to txt/pdf formats 
for the manual, see below).

A second issue is what else can/should be included on the CDs?
- Translations: woody 7; sarge 5  (-ca -da -it -pt, +ja +pt_BR)
  For the manual, there are currently two extra translations that
  could be considered for inclusion: de and ru
  (and maybe even Simplified Chinese as well)
- Formats for the manual
  Woody CD also had pdf and txt formats. For sarge these have only become
  available recently and because of that have so far not been included
The Woody CD also included some other documentation, but 

So the next questions are:
- is any additional space available for
  - additional translations of the manual
  - additional formats (pdf and txt)
  - any other documentation?
- should we and can we technically make a distinction between what
  to include on full CDs and the netinst and businesscard CDs?
  example: include only English on netinst and businesscard CDs

Note that more translations of the manual will be made available through 
the official website, so there is no absolute need to include all 
translations. Personally I feel the main languages of our user base 
should be included if at all possible.

Frans Pop

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