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installation problem: root/kernel on LVM/multiple disks

Debian-installer-version: d-i rc2 floppies, http://ftp.se.debian.org
Date: 2005-01-23
Method: Boot from floppies + network install (english)
Machine: Fuijutsu PC
Processor: P2 200 MHz
Memory: 80 Mb

While installing the base system (pre-reboot) I get the following error on virtual console 3:

"Setting up kernel-image-2.4.27-2-586.tsc (2.4.27-7) ...
Root is on a DM device, but dmsetup is not installed
Failed to create a initrd image"

d-i stops with a big red screen of death - "Unable to install the selected kernel"

My guess is that d-i doesn't like the fact that / is on a LVM volume that spans multiple disks.

This bugreport:
says that the root on LVM problem should be fixed in RC2. I am using floppy install with the floppies from RC2 and network installation, so I thought I would be OK.

My hard disk setup looks like this:

IDE master (hda) - 1.7 Gb NEC Corporation DSE1700A
 pri   9.8 Mb   ext2        /boot
 log   299 Mb   raid
 log   1.3 Gb   lvm
 log    64 Mb   swap        swap
IDE master (hdc) - 6.5 Gb IBM-DTTA-350640
 pri  19.8 Mb   ext2        /media/hdcboot
 log 299.9 Mb   raid
 log   6.1 Gb   lvm
 log 128.8 Mb   swap        swap
LVM VG vg, LV rootlv - 7.4 Gb
 #1    7.4 Gb   reiserfs    /
RAID1 device #0 - 299.7 Mb Software RAID device
 #1  299.7 Mb   reiserfs    /media/raid1

In retroperspective I guess I was stupid to think that the kernel could reside on multiple disks, but I think two problems still exist:
(1) There is no warning when creating / on a multi-disk volume
(2) Wouldn't it be possible to install the kernel in /boot? That way one could get all the benefits of LVM by only spending a few Mb's of disk for the /boot partition.

Should I file a formal bug report on this?

Best wishes
Klas Adolfsson

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