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Bug#291092: tasksel: Simplified and Traditional Chinese tasks update

On Thu, Jan 20, 2005 at 03:07:46PM -0500, Joey Hess wrote:
> Carlos Z.F. Liu wrote:
> > After some discussions in debian-chinese-gb[1] and some debian related
> > web forum in TW[2] and HK[3], I made many changes in chinese-s,
> > chinese-s-desktop, chinese-t, and chinese-t-desktop tasks. See attached
> > tarball. Thanks in advance for updating them.
> Could you write me a changelog entry for this change, documenting what
> you changed and why? I see that you moved a lot of X stuff over to the
> chinese-?-desktop packages, which is good. Did you drop any packages
> entirely or add any entirely new packages?
Packages been droped only from chinese-s:
1. xcin
    - Although it support Simplified Chinese, but no one use it as I knew.
2. pydict
    - It's a dictionary Traditional Chinese users.

Packages been droped only from chinese-t:
1. stardic
    - It's a dictionary Simplified Chinese users.

Packages been droped from both chinese-s and chinese-t:
1. yiyantang, yh, kon2, chdrv
    - Nobody use them anymore, their functions can be found in other
      packages which are easier to use.
2. tfm-arphic-*
    - They are only useful to latex, but TeX isn't a part of tasksel.
3. cce
    - not in sarge, too many RC bugs, and they won't be fixed in the
      near future. Upstream had stopped working on it for years.
4. gs-cjk-resource, cmap-adobe-gb1, cmap-adobe-cns1
    - non-free stuff
5. psfontmgr
    - most modern desktop applications can do print job without it.

New packages been added:
1. scim-chinese, fcitx (into chinese-s-desktop)
    - The two input methods are very popular in China nowadays.
2. scim-tables-zh (into both chinese-s-desktop and chinese-t-desktop)
    - same as above, but also been widely used in HongKong.
3. rxvt-unicode-ml, mlterm (into both of two chinese-*-desktop)
    - very good Chinese support, and own many users.

Packages been moved from chinese-* to chinese-*-desktop:
1. all packages in chinese-*-desktop now except kde-i18n-zhcn(tw).
    - They need X.

> Have you been able to test installs using the new tasks to be sure
> they work well?
How can I test the new tasks?  Should I replace the old tasks files
by the four new files, build it into deb package, and test it in a new
installed base-system? Or, is there any easy way to do it? I will do
it ASAP after you give me an answer. :)

 Best Regards,

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