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Re: debootstrap should no longer install libgnutls10 for sarge

I've analyzed this change for potential negative impacts on debian-installer
and find none.  The existing d-i CD images all include debootstrap-udeb, so
cannot be broken by this change.  The d-i netboot images would not include
debootstrap-udeb, but they also would be pulling all packages from the
archive, where there are no base packages that depend on libgnutls10 (and,
once libgnutls10 is removed from base, none depending on libgcrypt7 either).
I can conclude that, once a library package is no longer needed by the
base packages in testing, it is always safe from d-i's perspective to remove
that library from the base package list.

Please upload a fix for this bug before d-i RC3 so that we can drop the
redundant libgnutls10 and libgcrypt7 packages from base for sarge, or let me
know if you would like me to NMU.

Steve Langasek
postmodern programmer

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