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Bug#288522: debian-installer: more information

Michael Gilbert wrote:
> As can be seen, it appears that the 1394 firewire interface is
> enumerated as eth1, and my wlan is enumerated as eth2.

But what is eth0?

> If I examine
> dmesg when booting the 2.4 kernel, I see that the 1394 firewire device
> is not enumerated as an interface and my wlan is enumerated as eth1,
> which is the same configuration that the debian-installer set up during
> its first boot seqeuence:

Right, the devices will in fact be different between 2.4 and 2.6 since
firewire ethernet is only enabled for 2.6. However, this shouldn't lead
to a difference between the interfaces names used in the installer vs
those of the installer system using the same kernel version, which is
what you originally reported.

see shy jo

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