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2.6/ LVM/ RAID-1 - solved (apparently)

>Anyway, I created dummy dm-mod.ko and lvm-mod.ko >files in /lib/modules/2.6.9/drivers/md and was able to get >my new kernel installed.
If anyone else ran into the same problem (I found similar descriptions via Google) and is thinking of trying it, don't do it.  Although it seemed to work at first, RAID wasn't actually working, and for some reason I got *extremely* poor performance and responsiveness after a while, like a Windows box thoroughly infested with viruses/adware.
>I suspect the error occurs because you compiled in lvm >support in the kernel while some mkinitrd config file still >had a setting that theinitrd needs support for lvm.
I looked in /etc/mkinitrd/mkinitrd.conf and didn't see anything obvious to change. I hadn't altered it since installing with the d-i rc2 installer about a month ago.
Anyway, fwiw, now that 2.6.10 is in Debian, I built a new kernel using make-kpkg --initrd and it installed and booted without any problems.  I don't know what has changed other than the newer kernel, but the problem seems to have gone away.
David Bruce
(sorry for following office-generated legalese)
p.s. Is this the right list for this sort of thing or should it go to debian-kernel?  I posted here because it was a sort of "boot" problem, but it seems this is really the installation list.
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