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[D-I] Automatic spellcheck of po files

"spellcheck" is a set of shell scripts written to simplify the task of
spotting and correcting typos in po files; the main goal was to create
a tool which could be used to improve the quality of translations for
the debian-installer. Translators can use the language-specific files


to find and check typos: for each supported language you'll find
the following utf-8 encoded text files:

$LANG_all.txt (contains all the translated strings in $LANG language)
$LANG_unkn_wl.txt (contains all the unknown words with their count)

If you want to work offline on the above files, you might prefere to
download them in compressed format ($LANG.tar.gz)

30 languages are currently supported and more languages will hopefully
be added in the near future.

The check is performed on the po files of an updated SVN checkout of
the debian-installer and set to run on Alioth once a day at 21:00
CET. Additional information can be found at the above address.



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