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Bug#290702: [powerpc] Default kernel installed for reboot is wrong, G5 PowerMac7,3

On Sun, Jan 16, 2005 at 04:14:35PM -0800, Shyamal Prasad wrote:
> Well, I started poking around in d-i (I don't know it at all).  It
> seems that the base-installer in testing is version 1.13 and it does
> *NOT* recognize 970FX as a power4 family processor.
> I looked in subversion and I see the following comment in
> debian-installer/packages/base-installer/debian/changelog
> base-installer (1.15) experimental; urgency=low
>   NOTE: not for sarge, needs rootskel 1.11
>   * Colin Watson
>     - Recognise POWER4+ and PPC970FX cpuinfo entries as power4 systems.
> and I can see in svn diffs that power4+ and 970fx were added to
> kernel/powerpc.sh in its latest revision.
> Does this ("not for sarge, needs rootskel 1.11") mean the 970FX will
> not be supported by sarge?

No, it doesn't mean that. There's a matching change on the sarge branch
(base-installer 1.13.1), which I'll release now.

> Also, the test case kernel/tests/powerpc/g5.cpuinfo is for a
> PowerMac7,2 (970). There is not test for a 970FX PowerMac7,3.

Please provide /proc/cpuinfo from such a machine and I'll happily add a


Colin Watson                                       [cjwatson@debian.org]

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