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Re: Re: Dropping 2.4 hppa kernel-image packages

On Fri, 14 Jan 2005 02:47:01 -0500, Joey Hess wrote:
> It's been no secret that the 2.4 kernel was not in good shape and hppa
> folk were happier with 2.6. But this idea of just dropping 2.4
> altogether was a suprise to me.
> (FWIW, I'm also concerned that the kernel team (except for joshk and horms)
> has back-burnered 2.4 now for all other arches too.)

Now?  This is nothing new.  Ever since Herbert gave up maintenance, the
only people from the kernel team willing to work on 2.4 (iirc) have been
joshk, horms, and jens.  Jens doesn't appear particularly active
currently, so that leaves just joshk and horms.  The 2.4 packages, thanks
to a mess of backports and other issues, are quite a mess to deal w/.  I
certainly don't consider it a good use of time to attempt to beat the
packages into shape, when time could be spent beating 2.6 into shape.

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