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Re: Re: Difficulty upgrading kernel on LVM/software RAID-1 system

> Use the --initrd option with the make-kpkg command.
Thanks, I finally got time to try that, but it wasn't the whole fix.  Even 
though I selected everything in the lvm/raid section when configuring the 
kernel, dpkg (really mkinitrd) would fail to create the initrd.img when 
installing the kernel image package, saying "kernel does not support lvm".

Upon inspecting the mkinitrd script, it appears that it inspects 
the /lib/modules/2.6.9/drivers/md directory and looks for files named 
dm-mod.ko and/or lvm-mod.ko and exits with errors if it doesn't find them.  
The build process for make-kpkg did not create either of these, even though I 
selected the entire lvm/raid section as modules.  Of note, the corresponding 
directory for the prebuilt Debian 2.6.9-2-k7 package does include dm-mod.ko.

Anyway, I created dummy dm-mod.ko and lvm-mod.ko files 
in /lib/modules/2.6.9/drivers/md and was able to get my new kernel installed 
and functioning properly.  mkinitrd complained that it was missing some 
needed modules and that my kernel might not boot, but alternatively everthing 
could be OK if the needed code was compiled directly into to kernel.

I wonder if there has been some change in semantics between 2.4 and 2.6 that 
might require mkinitrd to be updated to allow it to properly determine 
whether or not the kernel supports lvm.  I think there also is a problem in 
that mkinitrd only looks at the modules directory and doesn't seem to check 
for compiled in lvm support.

David Bruce

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