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Re: Bug#260763: [powerpc] Problems with logical volume setup during installation

    "Michael" == Michael Schmitz
    <schmitz@opal.biophys.uni-duesseldorf.de> writes: 

    Michael> s/MockOS/MacOS/g

    Michael> to anything but Apple_Bootstrap, Apple_HFS,
    Michael> Apple_UNIX_SVR2 or Apple_Free.  If you're sure (or just
    Michael> reasonably confident) Linux_LVM will be ignored by

    Sven> Just give it a try and enlighten us.

    Michael> Just as soon as I get another spare disk. BTW anyone can
    Michael> try that, so the call goes to the Mac users in general.

I have a PowerMac7,3 (Dual G5) that is intended to run Linux so I gave
it a shot. 

I created a partition with type Linux_LVM and name LVM_Test using
mac-fdisk. I put an ext3 file system on the partition so I could
fsck/mount it to see if the Mac OS programs or OF screwed around with
the partition data itself. Then I did the following tests.
Booted into Mac OS X 10.3.7 (Open Firmware 5.1.8f7) and used the Disk
Utility to look at the partitions. The test partition shows up, and a
"Get Info" showed its type as 'Linux_LVM'. Booted back into Linux and
the Linux_LVM partition was still good.

Then I put the G5 into target disk mode after hooking it to a G4
Laptop (can you tell Mac's are becoming popular in this family?) with
a firewire cable.

The G4 runs Mac OS X 10.2.8, Open Firmware 4.7.2f2. I used Disk
Utility on it to examine the target mode disk on the G5, and only the
HFS+ partition with Mac OS X showed up. I booted the G5 back into Linux,
the Linux partition is there and looked good.

Then I put the G5 back in target disk mode. On the laptop I fired up
Mac OS 9.2.2 US System Profiler (via OS 10.2.8) and looked at 'Devices
and Volumes'. I only see the HFS+ volume there. Okay, so I booted the
G5 into Linux and the Linux_LVM partition was still good.

Okay, so I boot the G5 into target disk mode one last time with laptop
powered off. Then I boot laptop into it's Open Firmware. Look around
with devalias. I don't see the G5 disk - I don't know if there is
something I can do to mount it so I can't see if this firmware
rev. screws with it (no, I don't have permission to do any Linux stuff
on the G4 laptop so I can't put a test partition on it directly :-)

So, yes, I think the partition names don't freak out the last 2 or 3
generations of MacOS software. If I'm missing some obvious test let me
know, I should be able to try it.


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