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Bug#288522: debian-installer: where should this be reported?

On Sunday 09 January 2005 18:01, Michael Gilbert wrote:
> seeing as this no longer appears to be an issue directly related to the
> debian-installer, should i instead submit it as an important bug in the
> "wireless-tools" package?

No, I feel this should be left as a Debian Installer issue, at least until 
we know more about where the problem is. D-I is largely responsible for 
making sure the installed system does things in the correct order.

The packages that are most likely involved in this are:
- discover
- hotplug
- pcmcia-cs
- wireless-tools
- initrd-tools (unlikely)
- any package that provides relevant /etc/init.d scripts

This is going to take more research. It would really help if you could 
make a good analysis of which package is loading which drivers and which 
services in what order.
It's most likely not the kernel itself that's at fault, but maybe some 
modules take longer to load under 2.6 than 2.4.

Look at the scripts in /etc/rcS.d and /etc/rc2.d and your kern.log and 
daemon.log. You may also want to enable logging messages to console 
during boot in /etc/default/bootlogd.
Consider putting extra echo statements in /etc/init.d scripts to get extra 
info on what's doing what.
Do a thorough comparison of what happens with 2.4 and with 2.6.

Don't expect a quick resolution of this though, unless someone is prepared 
to really pick this up.
You could try asking on relevant lists (like debian-laptop) if there are 
people working on this with you.

It may look to be an important issue to you, but for the installation 
process overall IMHO it's a annoying but fairly minor issue. After all, 
it should be quite easy to fix by tweaking the configuration of the 
system after the installation has finished.
The most important reason to work on it would be that it kind of breaks 
2nd stage installation, but these things can be hard to track down, 
especially if you can't reproduce it yourself.

So, please try doing a bit of the work yourself and provide us with a good 
analysis that we can work from. (Note: that doesn't mean: flood us with 
information, but: research it and give us a good summary.)


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