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Bug#289377: Debian Installation Report

Joey Hess wrote:
> No, this seems to be unconnected to lvm and be a general oversight. We
> do take care to load ide-cd always and even ide-detect/ide-generic,
> which is enough to get ide cds working on otherwise fully scsi systems,
> but on mixed scsi/ide hard disk systems, if it boots from root on scsi I
> think the initrd only loads scsi modules and nothing takes care of
> ide-disk.

Well I tested in vmware with root on a scsi disk and /usr on ide and it
worked: something managed to load ide-disk before /usr was mounted
without it being in /etc/modules. It seems to be loaded on demand when
the ide disk is first accessed:

Checking all file systems...
fsck 1.35 (20-Feb-2004)
/home: clean, 11/70704 files, 13014/141296 blocks
hdb: attached ide-disk driver.

Before that point, ide-disk was not loaded. Same thing if I use dd.

I'm not sure why this doesn't happen for lvm, but it seems your problem
is actually lvm specific after all and we're not generally broken for
mixed scsi/ide systems. Now I'm really interested to know if it works
with ide-disk in /etc/modules.

see shy jo

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