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Re: USB keyboard not working on a cinema display/cube

Le 31 déc. 04, à 00:24, Sven Luther a écrit :

On Mon, Dec 27, 2004 at 07:11:34PM +0100, Nicolas Jungers wrote:
the sarge-powerpc-netinst.iso fail to activate my keyboard when
connected to the display. It's true of the RC2 version and of the
daily/powerpc/20041226/ version.

Can you look in /proc/bus/usb/devices if it shows up or something, and post us a lsmod output. May be tricky without keyboard though :) Maybe using the
network-console and some presseding may help here ?

I dunno how to do that on a Mac. What I did was plugin two keyboards, one on the cube, the other on the cinema display, and both didn't respond.

Now, I tryed the installer because my system wasn't comming up after a kernel upgrade. Going from 2.6.7 to 2.6.8 makes the hotplug stall.

If you send me instructions I can try to dig further.


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