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Bug#260763: [powerpc] Problems with logical volume setup during installation

    "Sven" == Sven Luther <sven.luther@wanadoo.fr> writes:

    Sven> No, lvm could be added to partman in no time, but Colin
    Sven> Watson voted against this, and rightly so, since he claimed
    Sven> that we should not use a quick hack, but come to a consensus
    Sven> on the way of doing this with both the d-i team and the
    Sven> lvm-config tools (also upstream probably), for future
    Sven> portability issue.

    Sven> Nobody did really find the time to push this, and thus there
    Sven> is no lvm support on powermac (altough there should be no
    Sven> problem on prep and ibm chrp hardware, and i have solution
    Sven> for pegasos too).

Okay. I suppose this (powermac lvm for d-i) might not happen by the
time Sarge releases. I'd be happy to take a look at it, but I might
not have the skills and/or time....

Does the Sarge ppc installation manual needs an update for the
powermac exception then?  Should I file a bug against the manual? I
could probably write a patch for the manual (in English) if it was
desired - the source for the manual is in svn on alioth, right?


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