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Re: Bug#260763: [powerpc] Problems with logical volume setup during installation

> Ok. The main problem is that there is no LVM flag for mac partition tables, i

There is no such thing as flags for most things in Mac partition tables
(I'm sure there are some unused bits somewhere in the partition data but
that's all undocumented and Apple could come and change the meaning of
this stuff in a second). You can either use a reserved partition type
(again, I don't know what's reserved by Apple there, we use the A/UX
partition type Apple_UNIX_SVR2 to be safe), or stick 'LVM' in the
partition _name_ which can be pretty arbitrary anyway. The d-i partition
editor sets this to 'untitled' when it could well store the mount point
info there, plus 'LVM' for LVM partitions, or other info.

> wonder how usefull that is though. Parted is a bit shaky on this, as i believe
> it should not really be a partition flag, but a partition type.

Whatever we do, it needs to be coordinated with the other powerpc distros.
I don't know if a new partition type is safe to use; the partition name
definitely is.


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