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partman-prep_1_powerpc.changes is NEW

(new) partman-prep_1.dsc standard debian-installer
(new) partman-prep_1.tar.gz standard debian-installer
(new) partman-prep_1_powerpc.udeb standard debian-installer
Add partman support for PPC PReP boot partitions
 This package provides the 'prep' partition method. The yaboot
 boot loader used on IBM pSeries systems requires a special
 bootstrap partition, created by this method.
Changes: partman-prep (1) unstable; urgency=low
  * Cajus Pollmeier :
    - Initial version forked from partman-palo packages
  * Sven Luther :
    - Added prep to XB-Subarchitecture field
    - Added partman-prep/boot_partitions debconf values for use with
      yaboot-installer and prep-installer.
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