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Re: dual-boot 64-32bit

Hi Guiseppe,
Thanks for the reply.
I gave confusing info in my first post.
I resized the 64bit /home to free up about 25GB of space. 
I used parted> mkpartfs to make a new ext2 partition but that was a
mistake. I deleted that partition in the demudi install dialog.
Debian-installer then created the second swap partition on sda10 and a
new primary / partition on sda3 using the free space.
I am not attempting to share any partitions between the two systems.
I hope to have two separate OS. I can mount the demudi / on /mnt/demi if
need be while using the 64bit OS.
I hope to put together a 64-bit system similar to demudi and it would be
good to have both OS installed.
I will edit both /etc/fstab files as you suggest,

On Wed, 2005-01-05 at 21:45 +0100, Giuseppe Sacco wrote:
> Hi Norval,
> I think you are trying something impossible since demudi is a 32bit
> environment an amd64 is 64bit so you have different executable formats.
> What you should have is: two different partitions for / that are only
> listed in /etc/fstab for the relevant system, i.e., the 64bit system
> should only list /dev/sda3 as root, while the 32bit system should only
> have /dev/sda1 as root. Moreover the lilo/grub setup should use the
> corret root= parameter.
> More important: you cannot share /usr since you have binaries in it. You
> may share /home between the two systems, anyway.
> You may have many swap partitions and you may use them at the same time
> on any environment.
> Bye,
> Giuseppe

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