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[daily 20041227][i386] freeze on SATA Promise PDC20621 [SATA150 SX4]

retitle 287533

I made some further tests and also had some email exchange with Promise
support and I got finally a clue about the problem: sd_mod need to be
loaded before sata_sx. This is a know problem even for the original
driver (shipped only for redhat and suse.)

So the solution might be to include in /etc/modprobe.conf something
install sata_sx "/sbin/modprobe sd_mod; /sbin/modprobe ‐‐ignore‐install

or in /etc/modules.conf, this similar command:
pre-install sata_sx modprobe sd_mod

This change should of course be done even on the /target file system.

Does anyonw know if this is possible using the modprobe command included
in d-i (is it from busybox?)


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