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Bug#288269: localechooser: Can cause problems in floppy/netboot installations for unstable

Christian Perrier wrote:
> We can probably. Indeed, I never focused on that as, in my mind,
> languagechooser should disappear as soone as localechooser is
> used. So, when we will switch the image build lists to use
> localechooser, languagechooser will never be on them and thus will no
> more appear.

Actually you'll have the same problem again, with anna loading
languagechooser and countrychooser until they're removed from the
archive. Once fix would be to change the priority of all three packages
to optional, which would prevent them from being used unless they's
included on an initrd or driver floppy, or unless something else of a
higher priority depends on them.

see shy jo

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