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Bug#288409: please consider waiting before installing the base system

On Mon, Jan 03, 2005 at 07:44:32PM +0100, Frans Pop wrote:
> On Monday 03 January 2005 17:21, Marc Haber wrote:
> > hda1  Windows
> > hda2  Swap
> > hda3  root (XFS 200 MB) /
> > hda4  physical volume
> >       vg0  volume group
> >            usr XFS 8G /mnt/usr
> >     home XFS 8G /mnt/home
> >     var XFS 7G /mnt/var
> It appears that you either did not use the partitioning program included 
> in debian installer or did not use it correctly.

I used it, and I used it correctly, resulting in the desired
partitioning scheme.

> The partitioning program (partman) includes functionality to select and 
> set mountpoints (even wildly creative ones like you appear to be using; 
> why /mnt/(usr|home|var)???).
>     ^^^^^

Local choice, for a number of reasons outlined in the reply to Sven.

> You can either use existing partitions or repartition; including 
> configuration of MD and LVM.
> It also allows you to choose to either format or not format (and keep 
> existing data) a partition.
> There should be no reason to "shell out" at this point, so there seems to 
> be no reason to honour your request.

Well, using the locally chosen partitioning scheme, it is necessary to
manually create directories /mnt/usr/usr, /mnt/home/home and
/mnt/var/var and some symlinks /usr => /mnt/usr/usr, /home =>
/mnt/home/home and /var => /mnt/var/var.

This naturally needs to be done _after_ the file systems have been
created and mounted, but _before_ any installation takes place.

With the installation starting automatically after filesystem mount,
this is not possible, hence my request to wait at this point.


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