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Re: Debian installer: partman-prep

Am 03.01.2005 um 17:22 schrieb Sven Luther:

On Mon, Jan 03, 2005 at 08:23:30AM +0100, Cajus Pollmeier wrote:

Am 03.01.2005 um 06:51 schrieb Christian Perrier:

(CC'ing you just to be sure you get this, but please answer only in
the list)

Quoting Cajus Pollmeier (cajus@naasa.net):

I've prepared a partman-prep package which should add support for PPC
boot partitions to the installer. The package has been forked from

About the package's templates:

Is the spelling of "PReP" really needing to be with this mix of upper
and lowercase? Up to now, we have avoided these constructions as they
too much give the impression of some HacKerZ playing his game...:-)

The spelling is taken from the partition type list saved in fdisk, it
has nothing
to do with hacker like spelling of words.

It seems to be indeed the correct spelling of it, probably defined like that by motorola and IBM back then. not sure what PReP exactly stands for, but i guess that it is Powerpc Reference Plateform or somethign such, and that the e
is the second letter of the acronym thingy.

However, if this is really how the thing is spelled everywhere, we
will have to leave it as is.

You also mention "PPC PReP" everywhere. PPC is abviously for PowerPC,
so I'd rather see the full word...however, this would make some menu
entries too long and they won't fit anymore in the main menu. So,
would it be OK to shorten this down to "PReP" only?

The correct spelling like shown in fdisk would be "PPC PReP", but I'm
really ok with shortening or renaming to a more intuitive string.

That said, i think the trademarked word is PowerPC, ppc is the kernel
shorthand, and maybe also used in fdisk. "PowerPC PReP" should be the right way to describe it. I think IBM has some powerpc spelling guide somewhere, not

I've modified it to use the fdisk spelling all the time "PPC PReP Boot", but of cause, it's no problem to switch to "PowerPC PReP".

Finally, one template mention the partition must be in the first "8
Mb". I guess these are indeeed megaBYTES...so this should rather be

I've just copied stuff from partman-palo and focused to functionality

Cajus, does this indeed work for you ? And how exactly does one make use of
the partman-prep stuff ?

Yeah. It worked out of the box for the chrp_pseries subarch. If you need it for other subarchs, you've to add it to the control files XB-Subarchitecture field. That's all.

I've modified partman-auto already, but it's not checked in yet.


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