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Bug#288059: base-config: Weird item "debconf-seed" as first option in menu

Frans Pop wrote:
> In the 2nd stage of an installation on a Sparc U10 from unstable (medium 
> prio), I was presented with base-config's menu. The first item (before 
> the Introductory message) in the menu was "debconf-seed".
> Is this something that should be shown to the user? If so, please provide 
> a proper title.
> Note: there were some errors in 1st stage, so maybe the prio was 
> downgraded to low.

You'll only see it on preseeded installs. Adding a title would introduce
a new string to be translated so I'd rather not. 

(All installs from d-i daily builds are currently preseeded to work
around the kernel ABI problems.)

see shy jo

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