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Re: Re: SATA on Dell PowerEdge SC420


 I've trided to install debian into PowerEdge SC420 too.
 Now d-i rc2 works well, HDD detection is good.

>I still have a problem with the real-time clock on the machine - any 'hwclock' 
>call from configuring the base system, or even /etc/init.d/hwclock at startup 
>freezes the execution - I need to press Ctrl-C to get things moving again :/
>I especially don't understand because running 'hwclock --show --localtime' 
>manually works perfectly... :/

 Yes, this problem is still existing in daily netinst image...
 I've installed Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 Beta into same 
 machine, there is not such strange behavior. And boot with Knoppix,
 2.4 kernel works fine, but boot from 2.6 kernel it stops.
 If you know a reason about this strange behavior, please let me know.


 Hideki Yamane <henrich @ samba.gr.jp/iijmio-mail.jp>
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