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Re: Bug#287344: rc2 netinst install on hp pavilion ze4900 laptop

Quoting Joey Hess (joeyh@debian.org):

>  - She didn't notice the program that was named after her. :-)


>  - She read _everything_ (except syslinux help screens), and paid especial
>    attention to the partman confirm screen and grub screen, just as we'd want
>    an ideal user to do. (And just as we don't. ;-)
>  - She wondered why passwd config wanted her full name. This is reasonable.
>    We should probably mention how that info is used.

I've noticed the bug report against shadow. I took this occasion for
mentioning that I'm more and more in the process of taking over this
package development. As most of you know that I'm far from having the
skills for good maintenance here, I'll probably post a call for help
so that s small maintenance team for shadow may be set up.

> Sound crash
> -----------
> With alsa and 2.6, the sound works (I ran alsacfg, not sure if it worked
> before that.) The laptop's sound buttons don't seem to do anything.

It probably wouldn't have worked. It still have to see a machine where
sound works out of the box from a sarge install...:-(

> ----
> Suspend doesn't work. No big suprise there.
> I was suprised to see that the acpi fan and thermal modules were not loaded
> on the installed system. This seems to be an oversight in rootskel, it
> loads the modules in the installer, but neglects to register-module them.
> If acpid had been installed, I think it would have taken care of loading
> all those modules. And it's needed for the gnome battery monitor anyway. We
> need a laptop task! However, I think that even with that, unconditionally
> register-moduleing fan and thermal is good from a belt and suspenders POV.

As you mentioned, we badly need a laptop task.....just need to figure
out what to put in it (powernowd or cpufreqd and such funny dilemnas)

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