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Bug#287533: [daily 20041227][i386] stop when loading sd_mod if Tekram SCSI board is present

Package: installation-reports
Version: daily 20041227

uname -a: <The result of running uname -a on a shell prompt>
Date: 20041228
Method: cdrom boot
Machine: HP Proliant ML110
Processor: PentiumIV 3.0Ghz
Memory: 1Gb (2x512Mb memory modules)
Root Device: SATA on Promise PDC20621 (2 160Gb disks in raid1)
Root Size/partition table: <Feel free to paste the full partition
      table, with notes on which partitions are mounted where.>
Output of lspci and lspci -n:

Base System Installation Checklist:
[O] = OK, [E] = Error (please elaborate below), [ ] = didn't try it

Initial boot worked:    [O]
Configure network HW:   [ ]
Config network:         [ ]
Detect CD:              [ ]
Load installer modules: [ ]
Detect hard drives:     [ ]
Partition hard drives:  [ ]
Create file systems:    [ ]
Mount partitions:       [ ]
Install base system:    [ ]
Install boot loader:    [ ]
Reboot:                 [ ]


Whenever the installer is started (linux, linux26, expert26, expert) and
the CD-ROM is detected, the installer tries to load the sd_mod module
and hang forever (at least, for more than 5 minutes.)

"hang" means that the computer is blocked at 92% and control-alt-del
doesn't work.

This computer host a SATA promise controller and a tekram DC-395UW SCSI
controller with a tape connected to it.

If the SCSI controller is removed, the installation proceed correctly.
If the SATA controller is removed, then the installation process keep
going until it cannot find any hard disk.

So, I think that maybe the problem reside in the SCSI driver that
require a disk on its chain, while I only have a tape there.


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