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Bug#287406: installation-reports (Fujitsu Siemens Lifebook E-6585 (Notebook / P3 800Mhz / 512 MB RAM, ATI M4 16MB)

Hi Joey, Bonjour Joseph,

Yes, Joseph is right.  It was udev not udeb (sorry, was transcribing results to another machine during install).

The kernel udev system is apparently not fully functional after the first reboot (kernel 2.4).

This message comes after X setup, but just before the package install.

I can reinstall and give you the exact message if you want? (Couldn't find it in the net)  The machine in question is just for testing debian anyway.


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Joseph Vidal-Rosset [mailto:joseph.vidal-rosset@u-bourgogne.fr] 
> Joey Hess a écrit :
> | McNutt Duncan wrote:
> |
> |>7) uDeb dialog window tells me that uDebs are not active 
> and I should 
> |>reboot (or enter a cryptic command line).  What the hell is a uDeb?!
> |>Suggestion: add a sentence that explains that a uDeb ist a "...".
> |
> |
> | Sorry, what was this? And did you see it in the first part of the 
> | install before rebooting into the installed system or 
> later? I have no 
> | clue what you're talking about here; though I know what 
> udebs are the 
> | installer takes pains to not mention the, to the user.
> It's probably "udev" and not "uDeb" that McNutt Duncan 
> mentioned. Right?
> Jo.

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