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Re: Sarge branch build dies with free blocks count == 0

Daniel Dickinson wrote:
>  Hmmm... if it's a build dependency it's not one listed by 
> dpkg-checkbuilddeps (I just ran it to check).  Could you enumerate the 
> build requirements and I'll see what's missing?
> I get this with both (in different builds) testing and unstable as the 
> source of udebs.  Since you don't get it, it's not what I first thought 
> which is running out of space on that particular floppy image.

You do seem to be running out of space on the floppy image.

The build dependencies include things like pic libraries that are needed
to get d-i to fit on a floppy. dpkg-checkbuilddeps should cover them

> Could it be a result of using the libdebianinstaller etc. from the
> packages directory (i.e. using buildscript)?  If so what's the best way,
> short of wiping the system and starting over, to get things back in sync
> with what you're using?

Building your own udebs should be safe. You can remove build/localudebs/*
and try rebuilding the floppy image though.

If you send du output for build/tmp/floppy_root/tree (or whatever floppy
image it was, forget), I can compare that to a successful build and tell
you what's grown.

see shy jo

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