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Bug#287344: rc2 netinst install on hp pavilion ze4900 laptop

On Monday 27 December 2004 06:03, Joey Hess wrote:
> - I was out of the room for X config, and she gave up on the fun
> screen where it asks (uselessly on i386) for a PCI ID of the video
> card.

I think that statement ("useless on i386") is _not_ true for graphic cards 
that support dual heads.

> I think that this is possibly aggravated by discover/hotplug wanting to
> load two sound drivers, because in addition to i810_audio, it or
> hotplug loaded snd_intel8x0 (alsa, right?). Here's how lsmod ended up
> looking after I blacklisted i810_audio:

Installing alsa-base takes care of blacklisting OSS modules for you.

> If acpid had been installed, I think it would have taken care of
> loading all those modules. And it's needed for the gnome battery
> monitor anyway. We need a laptop task! However, I think that even with
> that, unconditionally register-moduleing fan and thermal is good from a
> belt and suspenders POV.

Yes, acpid takes care of loading the acpi modules, however putting acpid 
in a laptop task and installing that by default is not a good idea as 
some older laptops don't support acpi but need apmd.
The same goes for a lot of other laptop (often make-specific) packages: 
works with some models, but useless or even harmful on others.
My preference would be to let the user figure it out for himself, unless 
we are very sure.

I agree that fan and thermal may be exceptions to the rule as they can 
prevent damage to hardware.

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