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Bug#287327: debian-installer failure

On Monday 27 December 2004 00:58, Jim Cromie wrote:
> boot-loader install broke the box.
> it installed grub into /dev/hda, not the USB drive
> which is where the rest of the installation went.
> I looked at the various VTs prior to hitting yes, to try to see which
> drive it would hit, couldnt tell, and took it on faith that grub setup
> would go to the right place.

Well, grub-installers main dialog does tell you that it will install grub 
to 'the MBR of the first harddisk' or something like that.

> unfortunately, MBRs borrowed from other machines hasnt fixed it.

Try using the Debian package ms-sys [1] to write the proper boot record.

[1] http://ms-sys.sourceforge.net/


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