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Bug#286986: Calling GNOME and KDE "Default Desktop" is confusing

severity 289986 wishlist
retitle 289986 Please provide separate tasks for different desktop environments

There are numerous reasons for which the desktop task installs both
environments. Joey Hess would explain them far better than me, but I'm
pretty sure that this will certainly not change for sarge.

Please avoid filing realease critical bugs for wishlist type bug reports.

Quoting Gürkan Sengün (isg@phys.ethz.ch):
> Package: tasksel
> Version: 2.18
> Severity: serious
> debian does NOT have a default desktop. i can't find the written
> details for it though.
> however there is:
> http://www.debian.org/devel/debian-desktop/
> i would prefer separate entries:
> gnome
> kde
> gnustep
> since all of the gui toolkits have rather different feel and look,
> that makes them not perfect to work together.
> solution:
> rename "default desktop" to "gnome and kde" or whatever
> other nice to have:
> before starting to install "Default Desktop" check if destination
> has enough free space.

  Tasks are moving targets because on dependencies inheritance. So in
no may can tasksel calculate the required size for a given task. This
could maybe turned into a wishlist bug for aptitude (being the
underlying tool for installing tasks)....

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