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Bug#285589: (forw) RE: Bug#285589: failed installation report

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----- Forwarded message from Geoff <geoff@galexy.net> -----

From: Geoff <geoff@galexy.net>
To: 'Christian Perrier' <bubulle@debian.org>
Subject: RE: Bug#285589: failed installation report
Date: Thu, 23 Dec 2004 11:07:23 +1100
X-Mailer: Microsoft Office Outlook, Build 11.0.5510

I am sure that there was no error message displayed and there was no
opportunity to do a disk partition.

Following this failed attempt, I did a net install - that was supremely
successful (how impressed was I? VERY!) and I am now reluctant to test the
process again using the complete DVD installation medium.

I could try to run through the process up to but stopping at the disk
repartition step if that helps (at medium priority level) if that helps.
Let me know,

Kind regards

Geoff Shuetrim

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From: Christian Perrier [mailto:bubulle@debian.org] 
Sent: 15 December 2004 04:58
To: Geoff; 285589@bugs.debian.org
Subject: Re: Bug#285589: failed installation report

Quoting Geoff (geoff@galexy.net):

>    I obtained the DVD image using jigdo from
>    [1]http://cdimage.debian.org/pub/cdimage-testing/dvd/jigdo-area/
>    The DVD ISO image was created successfully and burned to a DVD.
>    The DVD was inserted into the DVD drive and the machine was rebooted.
>    The installer started correctly and prompted me to type enter to
>    trigger
>    the install process.  I did this and the computer then loaded linux,
>    apparently correctly, eventually presenting me with a menu to choose
>    language.
>    I chose English.
>    The next menu allowed me to choose Australia as my country.
>    The next menu allowed me to choose American English as my Keyboard
>    layout.
>    The next screen detected my CD-ROM
>    The next screen scanned the CD-ROM (taking a couple of minutes).

Up to there, everything is OK.

>    I was then allowed to modify the debconf priority setting but I left
>    it on high
>    by hitting the enter key.
>    I was then asked if I wanted to verify the CD-ROM integrity and I
>    declined the offer
>    (although I took up the offer on other runs through the process to see
>    if these was
>    a problem - there was not).

At this point, something is no more correct. The next step should be
the hard disk partitioning step.

Are you sure you don't get any error screen at some point?

Could you retry the install at medium priority ?


at boot prompt

The display on console 3 and 4 after the CD-Rom integrity test could
help, also.

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