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Bug#286814: Package: Sarge Installer

reassign 286814 partman
retitle 286814 Errors when redefining existing ext2 partition as ext3
severity 286814 minor

On Wednesday 22 December 2004 13:29, Haber, Michael wrote:
> I think I may have found a problem with the latest debian installer.
> I have installed debian onto a 2 machines that already had a formatted
> = ext2 partition. I used this ext2 partition for / and told the
> installer = to use ext3.=20

I think the reason is because you forgot to tell the partitioning system 
to format your root partition (which, for /, you really should).
However, maybe partman should guard against this situation because this 
could also happen with, for example, an existing /home partition that the 
user would like to keep.

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