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Bug#286001: please consider purging discover1 after installation

In article <3ckSB-rU-13@gated-at.bofh.it> you wrote:

>Updating pci map information in the kernel requires getting a patch to
>the maintainer of the driver, through the kernel lieutenants, and to
>Linus. Then it takes a kernel release, which happens increasingly
>infrequently for 2.4 kernels and is not very common anyway. So the
This is not relevant when using 2.6 kernels, because with the new
drivers model if a device is not in the driver IDs table then the driver
will not recognize it.

>Moreover, since the kernel allows multiple drivers to claim to support a
>device, some do, even if it's based on bad information or even if one
>driver does a very poor job with it. Driver authors are sometimes not the
>best ones to make such decisions, it's too easy to see your code as the
This is a different issue, and I think that it will be fixed in
hotplug-ng. But it concerns only a tiny number of drivers.

>Actually, this script is a good way to get some useful raw data
>about places that discover and the kernel info currently differ. A
>modified version (attached) can just report on differences. Output when
>run on 2.4.27, ignoring X stuff:
2.4 is not really interesting, try again with a 2.6 kernel.


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